FreeWrite # 6

July 29, 2009

My original inquiry question was what is going to happen to the Roslyn Country Club. Now my question is what has caused the demographics and culture in Roslyn heights to change so much so that they would shut down the club? I changed it because, after doing some research, I realized that closing it down unfortunately makes sense. I want to do research on why that is.

Based off my research I learned that financially it made sense for the village to close the Club and turn it into a housing community. I will continue to do research on why that is and find out how we can change this.

I still want to know more about the actual financial information as in how much it earns and where it spends its money. If there’s a way I can find that out and fix it so it is more efficient I would like to do that.

I am having some trouble finding a lot of information of the downfall of the club. Because it’s just a small town club there is not a whole lot of information aside from interviews I can find out.

If I had to make an inference on what demographics /what is culturally different now than 15 years ago, I would find that people in my area are spending their money on other things that aren’t as tight nit community driven. This includes private country clubs, golf courses, and beach clubs.


June 29, 2009

By my house there is a massive public country club. There is a brilliant Olympic sized swimming pool , a smaller shallow kiddy pool, a snack bar, bacci ball court, 5 tennis courts, a handball court, and a sandy beach area where there are slides and monkey bars for the kids. This is where I spent my summers while I was growing up. Recently, the town has begun to compose meetings on whether or not to sell the land in order to put up another housing development. The town citizens are for the most part on the fence. The club is funded by taxes and has not shown much improvement in the last few years. For this reason some people don’t want to pay taxes. This public space might be destroyed because of some peoples not wanting to pay taxes. For my research project I would do some research on why people don’t want to utilize the country club. I might hand out surveys, hold a vote, or circulate a poll. My main questions would be what is the cost benefit of having the club in operation and why or why not the club should be turned into a development.


I dont Really have any other good ideas. Do you think this will work? There is alot of information about it due to the fact that this is a large argument in my community.

June 26, 2009


 Part of my summer job was to repaint lines in parking lots for 7-11s across long island and Brooklyn. Along with this we repainted the handicapped logos. While this is a grueling task, it is something that is important to me. One of my closest family friend’s mother was one of the last people to have polio. She is handicapped and must use a wheel chair. This is important and I feel like I am someone who is protecting her. Many people disregard the handicapped signs in a 7-11 because they are in a hurry to make their purchases. For this reason many 7-11’s have told cops when they have problems with this and the cop’s give the customer’s tickets.  These spots that are generally very close to the store and often near a ramp. Which makes sense and is why the other customers illegally park there 



In many areas there are these signs posted. This is to let people know to beware that there are blind children and plan accordingly. I would imagine that the parents let the town know to put up signs so that the town citizens know to be extra careful. Having a child with any handicap is difficult however, when it could cause potential danger to both the driver and victim of an automobile accident, there is increasing danger. These zones are being monitored by surveillance video cameras and many of them have speedometers on them so that they can cut down on reckless driving in this potentially dangerous area.  By putting the sign up the town also is hoping to make the town more tolerant and helpful for the handicapped. This is something that can spread to other areas of town and make the town more accepting of others.



This is an environmental sign in order to protect the safety zone for the forest. While many outdoor enthusiasts only hunt for an as needed basis, there are a lot of hunters who kill for the sake of killing an animal. This I believe is wrong. In this case the sign was put up to make sure to guard the serenity of the forest.  This area was probably over hunted for a long time so in order to maintain the wildlife, they’re cutting down on hunting. Over hunting is a major problem as more and more trees are being knocked down which causes many more animals to be put on the endangered species list. I would imagine that PETA would be a major push to have this and many other signs posted all along the forestry areas.

June 11, 2009
Out of Iraq

Out of Iraq

This sign is a basic looking sign yet it’s meaning is deep. It is obviously for a strong movement to withdraw our troops from Iraq. Its simplicity is what makes this sign so strong. In big bold black letters it reads “ Out of Iraq” then highlighted and italicized in red says NOW! On the border are two websites on the top and bottom in contrasting colors.  The colors make the sign seem bolder. I would consider this sign to be transgressive. If trangressive is something that is in the “wrong place” or causes controversy, then this would be transgressive. I have very mixed feelings about the issue of withdrawing our troops in Iraq. I have a friend, Dacy, who recently got deployed to Iraq who juristically changed the way I thought about the issue.  Originally I thought about it as an awful thing and sided with the billboard in saying that we should focus our resources, time, and energy into the many problems on our homeland. However what Dacy told me was that when soldiers see that sign, they see it as a sign attacking them. If America doesn’t support what their putting their lives on the line for, then why put their lives on the line for it. And while there are always going to be differences in opinions for different peoples, to have a sign for this instead of supporting the country, which you live in, is hurtful, he was explaining. Their has definitely been some public uproar about this sign along with many other public signs, commercials, and articles about pulling out. This is due to the huge financial hole we have dug ourselves in with this war. No one ever complains about something when times are good. However in this grim economy, where every last dollar will count towards something, for us to be spending in the Trillions is uncalled for and, in many people’s opinions, unnecessary.

Various Icons,Symbols, and Indexs

June 4, 2009

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Blog Assignment #1

May 21, 2009

Growing up in Roslyn Heights, I quickly learned very much about my surroundings and boundaries.  While growing up many of my friends and neighbors would spend our summer afternoons at the Roslyn Heights Country Club. In this vastly populated public space, there were sections were I could  go and places where I wasn’t supposed to go. Where I spent most of my time was in the playground. Here we would make countless castles, forts, buildings, and rivers, which we would flood with our frequent trips to the pool to get a bucket of water. “No running by the pool!” the lifeguards would always yell at us about. But we paid no attention because the quicker we could make whatever we  were making, the quicker we could destroy it and build something even better. This constant loop was etched into my childhood routine. Eventually my mom would call me over to get some lunch, which, of course was chicken nuggets and French fries, loaded with ketchup. Again this was something I sped through because I would get ices after. Marinos ices with those wooden sticks that always split down the middle, causing me to revert to the boring spoon. I loved those ices cups, especially because it made your mouth the color of ices (Red- Strawberry, Blue – Blueberry, Green- Lemon/Lime) so you know which one your friends had. After lunch and another application of colored sun-screen, it was time for us to play bocce-ball.  This simple game of who can come closer to the rock was a game played near the “old people area” of the club. We never played for very long before someone kicked us out. It was OK because it gave us time to digest and we were scared of the old people anyway. Next we went into the pool. BRRR, no matter how hot it was outside it was always too cold inside the pool. But again, that never impeded our progress to have our fun and continue our summer-long play date. From Marco-Polo to Tag or different races, the pool helped us cool off from our daylong excitement. However we always got in trouble when we would cross out of the shallow “free swim” area and into the lap area.  This was fine because around this time it was getting to be late, the sun was lowering, and it was time to go home for a Barbeque with my parents or McDonalds and a nice night of play with the babysitter. Looking back, this was one of my fondest memories. And while all of my stories are pleasant happy memories from my childhood, there were some definite borders that identify the country club as a social location. According to the definition by Setha Low and Neil Smith (3), a social location  is one with palpable tension.  Here, the palpable tension line, which we crossed too often, was where the new younger generation would stay apart from the, in our eyes, grumpy old people, who looking back we should have respected more. These lines weren’t set boundaries, just where the radios and kids would fade to books and serenity for the older generation of members.  We weren’t allowed into the club house where the nicer bathrooms were with the carpeted staircases and valet parking. Me , my family and our young generation friends would carry our clothing, towels, and toys across the parking lots and find the lounge chairs that didn’t have food or bird poop on them. As a kid this didn’t bother me because I wasn’t at the lounge chairs nor did using the less nice bathrooms give me and trouble , however looking back and speaking with my parents I definitely see how there were dimensions that were highly differentiated.

Roslyn Country CLub

Roslyn Country CLub

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May 21, 2009

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